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COVID-19 Infection Rate Model Data – Watch the Webinar

Daniel Cave

Join Doorda’s founder and CEO Clifford McDowell, along with CARTO Data Partnerships Manager Alejandra AranZadi to explore A Spatial Lens on COVID-19 Consumer Spending habits in the UK with some interesting data visualisations, brand new cutting edge COVID-19 Infection Rate model Datasets including risk factors and predictive data.

This webinar introduces you to CARTO’s data visualisation tools and shows you a sample of the data and visualisations you can achieve using this excellent combination of CARTO’s Data Observatory and Doorda’s Data.

Get the Data from this webinar

All data shown in the webinar is available through Doorda, or directly inside the CARTO platform via our partner integration.

All the COVID 19 data shown in this webinar is available direct via Doorda, You can get the free version here. Get in touch for a demo of the commercial data.

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Here are some of our favourite slides as a teaser for the webinar: