Doorda announces the launch of DoordaStats

As a data specialist, we spend a lot of time with census data which is invaluable on so many levels. The census data is ubiquitous across many organisations, especially those focused on marketing, insurance, and retail as it’s heavily used for modeling and profiling.

However, the fact it’s only refreshed once every 10 years, lacks postcodes and is missing some great datasets is also a frustration. Hence, we decided to create DoordaStats, a refreshed Census with lots of additional data wrapped up in a single package.

Doorda is pleased to announce the launch of their new product DoordaStats. DoordaStats resolves a lot of the frustrations with the current census release which was way back in 2011! These include:

  • Population estimates, updated and refreshed every quarter.
  • Postcodes, baked in, including new postcodes and areas which have been rebuilt since the 2011 census refreshed quarterly.
  • Crime, fully embedded reported crime with monthly updates.
  • Socio-Economic, a range of new data sets covering benefit claimants and pension payments.
  • Property, average price paid and type, property characteristics and listed properties.So what are the benefits of DoordaStats over what you may already have?

So what are the benefits of DoordaStats over what you may already have?

  • Postcodes, all content is mapped to postcodes greatly reducing your data wrangling costs
  • Quarterly updates, we can also provide monthly should the need arise.
  • More data, with the addition of Property, Crime and Socio-Economic data you are able to create more accurate models.
  • Easy consumption, DoordaStats can we supplied in bulk so you can use your preferred analytical tools to query.

How can DoordaStats add value?

Marketing, create your own demographics, extract data using lat long to target online or use the postcodes to build direct mail lists.

Insurance, create more accurate location models for pricing and underwriting purposes.

Retail, investigate competitor locations or identify the best place for new premises.

In summary, DoordaStats gives you a competitive advantage by offering you unparalleled access to statistical data covering 84% of the UK’s population*.

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*Due to the way data is released DoordaStats currently covers England, the other home nations are being investigated.