Crime, Floods, Utilities, more data added

We’ve been liaising with our community to find out what they would like to see added next, the general consensus is a need for more local data they can use to better understand what’s happening in local neighbourhoods.

Unsurprisingly with the recent news on the increases in Crime this proved to be one of the most requested, so it’s now been added our ever expanding list of available data. We’ve created an actual crime endpoint as a well a summary covering the last 12 months.

In addition to crime, we’ve also noticed a lot of rain recently so we thought we’d leap ahead of the curve and get our flood data in place before the autumn hits. In other data news we’ve managed to source some data which provides average consumption rates for gas and electric.

Reported Crime

The Home Office has been releasing reported crime and outcome data for the past 7 years, on average there are 500k crimes reported each month, that’s a lot of data! To offer easy access as well as the underlying details we’ve created two datasets.

Reported crime by location code – This endpoint gives you a list of the actual crimes reported near an address based on the postcode. This includes the type of crime, month it was doorda-category-iconsArtboard-3reported and the latest outcome update.

Reported crime by postcode – The current Home Office publication omits the postcode, we’ve added it back in and summarised the reported crimes by category. In this dataset, you’ll also find the crime location code, apply this in the above endpoint to get the crime details.

Flood Risk

data-pointsFlood Risk by Postcode – As supplied by Defra we are now able provide a risk level for each postcode categorised as at risk of flooding. This data also includes the number of properties at risk and the likelihood of a flood occurring. Additionally, we have also added a proximity to flood calculation. This will tell you in metres how far away a postcode is from a known flood zone. View content


doorda-category-iconsArtboard-12Electric and Gas Consumption – Information on the average domestic consumption for each postcode. Also, includes the number of meters and total consumption levels. These datasets deliberately exclude commercial to reduce confusion on the usage rates. View Gas, Electric