Definition of Open Data

What is the definition of open data and how does it differ from data being made available in the public domain? It's a confusing area...

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Doorda Property

Doorda Property provides a searchable UK index of over 38 Million addresses which are linked to 18 additional datasets for deeper insights.

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Public Procurement

Our Public Procurement Module allows you to explore over £2 Trillion of spending by the public sectotor by company number or spend category.

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Share Class and Prescribed Particulars

When registering a company, the Director/s need to include information about what rights each type of share (known as ‘Share class’) is given.

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Company Statuses

The Company Status on the Companies House Register provides information on the viability or current trading position of a company.

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HMRC Commodity Codes

HMRC Commodity codes are a nomenclature used to categorise the goods being Imported and Exported from the UK. You can downlaodn the full list.

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Disqualified Directors

Disqualified directors and their legal resposibilities. Anyone can report a company director’s conduct as being ‘unfit’ which may lead to disqualification.

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Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

Companies House use a condensed version of Standard Industrial Classification SIC Codes as made available by Office of National Statistics.

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Types of Crime and Reported Categories

The Types of Crime (offences) captured by Police forces are grouped into higher categories by The Home Office ready for publication on the UK Crime Map.

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Doorda Biz

Doorda Biz connects over 12 million company numbers and 30 million appointments to data sourced directly from Regulators, Companies House and other Authoritative sources.

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Definition of a partnership for accounting purposes

Definition of a partnership for accounting purposes. A qualifying partnership for accounting purposes comes down to several important criteria.

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Definition of a Micro-Entity for Accounting Purposes

Definition of a Micro-Entity for accounting purposes. Micro entiities disclose less information than Small, Medium and Large companies when filing.

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