HMRC Import Export data including company details

The HMRC Import, Export data provides insights on goods being transferred between non-EU countries alongside the name of the companies involved.

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HSE Breaches

A breach can be raised by the Health & Safety Executive as part of an investigation or inspection where Health & Safety regulations have been broken.

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Core Address File (CAF)

Doorda’s Core Address File (CAF) provides a list of all known UK addresses and forms the backbone of DoordaProperty.

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Business Rates Hereditaments

When the Valuation Office Agency rates commercial premises it needs to know how many single and multiple hereditaments there are.

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Business Rates Plant and Machinery

In addittion to the size of a poperty and it's location and use, the Valuation Office Agency may also consider other items when calculating a rateable value.

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Business Rates Gross Internal Area (GIA)

Gross Internal Area (GIA) measures the overall size of a location to help determinie it's rateable value.

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Business Rates Net Internal Area (NIA)

The net internal area (NIA) is the total usable area of each floor within a building, measured to the inside face of the boundary walls (ignoring skirting boards).

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Business Rates Measuring Methods

There are normally three key measuring methods used to establish a properties business rates. These are Zoning, Net Internal Area and Gross Internal Area.

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Definition of a Subsidiary

A company is defined as a “subsidiary” of another company, if it is controlled by a 'holding', or parent company as defined in the Companies Act 2006

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Definition of a Community Interest Company (CIC)

What is the definition of a Community Interest Company (CIC) and how do they differ to Registered Charities or Social Enterprises?

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Definition of a Sole Trader for Accounting Purposes

A simple definition of a sole trader is someone who runs their own business as an individual earning in excess of £1,000 a year.

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An auditor is a person who makes an independent report to a company’s members as to whether the company has prepared its financial statements in accordance with regulations.

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