Release Notes

March (2020) Release Notes

Support Team

Date Released: 2nd March 2020

The main focus of this release is to migrate all data onto our own platform DoordaHost/API and increase the refresh rates to ensure you have access to the freshest data. Once all our customers have migrated we’ll be shuttering our BigQuery instance permanently.

If you want to know more about DoordaHost take a look at our SDK DoordaHost Getting Started

This release includes the following:


Key changes:

  • Addition of two new datasets, Employment Tribunal decisions and Advertising Standards Authority notices
  • Ledger switched to a weekly refresh
  • Patches applied for known issues
New (Host-All)New datasets added
New (API)New endpoints have been added to the API
Change (Host-All/API)Change to HSE data

Detect URL change by the HSE for risk_hse_breach and risk_hse_case from conviction to conviction-history (tldr; Amending the source URL when HSE changes them without informing us)

Change (Host-Ledger)Listed datasets now updated weekly on Saturdays. All other data will be refreshed monthly in alignment with the publisher
  • addon_eng_contract_ledger
  • register_company_appointment_ledger
  • register_company_charge_ledger
  • register_company_filing_ledger
  • register_company_liquidation_ledger
  • register_company_previous_address_ledger
  • register_company_previous_name_ledger
  • register_company_profile_ledger
  • register_significant_controller_ledger
  • risk_disqualified_director_ledger
  • risk_ea_enforcement_ledger
  • risk_hse_case_ledger
  • risk_hse_breach_ledger
  • risk_hse_notice_ledger
  • risk_ico_enforcement_ledger
  • risk_judiciary_tribunal_ledger
  • risk_sanction_ledger
  • risk_asa_case_ledger


1Column naming error for 2 columns in risk_hse_case, risk_hse_breach and risk_hse_notice.Column headers hse_directorate and hse_area are switched
2Duplicate Entries found in risk_hse_case table.Entry removed in snapshot schema and delete action added to ledger table
311 Duplicate Entries found in register_ipo_trademark table.Entry removed in snapshot schema and delete action added to ledger table
4Misaligned columns in register_ipo_trademark table due to incorrect use of delimiters by the IPO.Fixed alignment
5Error in date_added column in risk_ea_enforcement_ledger table during initial creation.Change date_added column for initial inserts to 2019-02-01
6Missing case_numbers in risk_hse_case and risk_hse_breach (due to error on source side).Backfilled all cases available (Currently, there’s still 1 case in risk_hse_breach and 11 cases in risk_hse_case not available from source)
7Duplicate appointments in register_company_appointment table (due to an error from Companies House in the past where they allowed the same person to be appointed in the same role in the same time period)Entry removed in snapshot schema and delete action added to ledger table.



DoordaProperty has been in development for a while, this release replaces the previous DoordaLookup and adds Commercial Locations as a standalone but integrated module with many additional datasets.

This product joins a wide selection of address oriented datasets to our own variant of the Royal Mail PAF. This allows you to connect all information contained within the datasets to a single address via the supplied UDPRN. If you already have a licence for commercial locations you will by default be able to access all the new datasets listed under Commercial Locations. DoordaPorperty is available on host and API as per your current licence terms.

If your licence includes full access to DoordaProperty you will have access to Commercial Locations as well as the residential property datasets.

Please note that the Royal Mail PAF only lists current addresses not historical, as our data goes back decades some addresses can’t be matched as they no longer exist. We will be addressing this issue in future releases of the product with the inclusion of our own Ids.

New (Host-Snapshot)Commercial Locations – Listed datasets now available with a monthly refresh
DoordaProperty – Includes Commerical Locations as well as these listed datasets, all with a monthly refresh
  • Core Address PAF – About data
  • Company Appointment
  • Company Address
  • Residential Property Sales – About data
  • Residential Energy Performance – About data
New (API)Commercial Locations and DoordaProperty are both available in our API


Fix (All)Due to column name width restrictions in some applications, all column headings are now 63 characters or lessList of changes available here


Public Procurement

This dataset has been migrated from our BigQuery instance. The data in the API is refreshed daily offering instant access to the latest information, Host is updated monthly. For more information on the procurement data take a look at Government Contracts and Tenders 

New (Host-All)Listed datasets now available and aligned with DoordaBiz refresh schedule.
  • public_procurement_snapshot.eng_contract (Monthly updates)
  • public_procurement_ledger.eng_contract_ledger (Weekly updates)
Change (API)Listed endpoints moved to production
  • Public Procurement contracts (Daily updates) view



New (API)Enhanced securityBasic Authentication now available, API keys still work but will be deprecated over time.
Change (API)The v1 deprecated endpoints listed have now been removed



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