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Traditional geo-demographic models force you to take the suppliers groups and segments. Increasingly businesses have the skills, technology and need to take control and create their own bespoke models.

Doorda Stats gives you access to the underlying data used in the most popular geo-demographic solutions so you can create your own segments.

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The Solution

The Doorda Stats solution offers access to extensive demographic and location-based information. All datasets are mapped to postcodes making it incredibly easy to create your own segments.

Doorda Stats consumes data from over 400 sources ranging from last month to 1997. The data currently 90% of the UK with increased coverage and new datasets being added in each release.

Doorda Stats also integrates directly with Doorda Lookup on postcode so you can easily append individual addresses. You can also join it to DoordaHealth to get further insights on the health and well-being of a local area.

Doorda Stats gives you access to an unparalleled level of information from a simple postcode.

The Numbers

Unique Datasets


Unique Data Sources


Locations Mapped


Connected Postcodes



  • All content mapped to postcodes
  • Bulk data available
  • Power to create your own models
  • Huge selection of geo-demographic datasets
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Monthly updates

Also compatible with DoordaMatch

Example Content

(M= Millions)

DeprivationContains all seven subdomains of deprivation including, Income, Education and Employment.32,000
PopulationMost recent population estimate and number of households for each postcode65M
PropertyAverage property prices and count of sales by type, e.g. Semi-Detached, Terraced, Flat etc…24M
BroadbandCoverage and information on consumers’ connection speed, from the operators1.8M
CompositionDefines households by the age and number of people living them by postcode28M
UtilitiesAverage gas and electric usage with number of numbers by postcode1.8M
BurglariesNumber of burglaries reported in the area mapped to postcodes4M
FireLocal dataset currently covers reported fire incidents in London, more to follow1.2M
ShopliftingNumber of shoplifting incidents reported in the area mapped to postcodes6M
LifeNumber of births and deaths by year for each area mapped to postcode1.1M
BenefitsNumber of Housing and disability benefit claimants as well as Pension Credits mapped to postcodes5M
IndustryDetails on the type of industry residents work in. e.g. Tech, Construction, Retail etc…968