Doorda Public Procurement

Current and historical detail of public-sector tenders and contracts and monetary payment details.

£284 billion spent
in 2018

HM Treasury, PESA 2018

Interactive example

App example


  • Tender dates
  • Standardised category and sub-category
  • Description
  • Status
  • Budget
  • Award company and amount


  • Amount
  • Date
  • Standardised category
  • Local and Central Government

Links to other data

Procurement data is a module of Doorda Biz, linked by Company Number. Doorda identifies Company Numbers from the error-prone, hand-entered company names in the source data using proprietary smart matching technology developed for this task.

By linking to Biz, the data can complement a broader picture by being associated with the other Doorda data products.

Potential data uses

Gain insight into who is receiving the billions of pounds of public expenditure each year, and what for.

  • Competitive analysis
    • Awarded contracts with amounts
    • Actual payments, with standard, comparable categories
  • Identify funding requirements, as contracts start
  • Risk assessment/alert, as payments end
  • Enhance your company assessments
    • Derive health from contract and payment trends
    • Sector trends based on comparable overall stats
    • Analyse associated Companies, Directors and Shareholders

DIY challenges

  • Over 300 publishers of procurement payments
    • Non-standard, changing locations
    • Different file types
    • Different, changing file and data formats
  • Not business-ready
    • Cryptic, non-standard naming
    • Non-standard spend categorisation
    • Unreliable Company names
  • No associations between Companies, Directors etc.

Key Statistics


2.6 Million

Includes active and deactivated postcodes with classification and population


46 Million+

By postcode by category and by outcome



Is the average weekly spend on Beef by lower income households



Number of schools mapped to catchment areas by type with results data

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