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Detailed property data is underpinned by a unique reference dataset of all UK properties, residential and commercial, including addresses under construction.

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Doorda property data is underpinned by a unique reference dataset of all UK properties, including addresses under construction.

  • Residential and commercial
  • Full history for each address (solves residential name-change issues and commercial occupier-change issues)
  • Includes Postcode centroid Lat/Long and exact property Lat/Long for every property
  • Connected to, but not driven by PAF udprn


Contains information about 24 million residential properties across England and Wales, updated monthly from official sources

  • Sale price,
  • Property type
  • Tenure
  • Council tax band
  • Property characteristics (EPC)
  • Commercial owner
  • Company registrations


Contains information about 2.2 million non-residential properties across England and Wales, updated monthly from official sources.

  • Rateable value
  • Usage category
  • Internals: floors, area usage, sizes, extras
  • Sale price (>2015)
  • + Link to local information – Stats
  • Occupant
    • Company name
    • Company Number (allows join to Company data)
    • Link to other properties
    • + Link to company – Biz
  • Notices, licences, …
    • Hygiene, Defra, Food Standards, EPC, HSE, CQC, Gambling, NHS
  • Ownership

Join with other data

Thanks to the standardisation and matching of the numerous data sources, properties are linked to a wealth of other Doorda data, including

  • local area information (Schools, GPs, Transport, House prices, flood risk, crime, companies, etc.)
  • local population information (health, wealth, education, claimants, etc.)
  • owners (if commercial or public-sector)
  • companies registered or operating there

Address Matching

Doorda has a fully automatic Matching Service to link “inbound” address to reference address

  • hybrid deterministic & probabilistic algorithms
  • no false positives

Data in Doorda Property is linked to Doorda Stats and Doorda Biz data, and is GDPR compliant.

Key Statistics


2.6 Million

Includes active and deactivated postcodes with classification and population


46 Million+

By postcode by category and by outcome



Is the average weekly spend on Beef by lower income households



Number of schools mapped to catchment areas by type with results data

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