Doorda Lookup

Businesses need to maintain a standard address list and validate new addresses. They also want to differentiate and innovate by appending additional data to offer more meaningful insights for marketing, data cleansing, and process governance.

Doorda Lookup addresses all of these needs in a single solution.

Use cases include, address lookup, commercial location verification, and address insights.

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The Solution

The Doorda Lookup solution is based on the Royal Mail Address File (PAF) as supplied and maintained by Royal Mail. The PAF contains every delivery point in the UK with over 30.5 million live postal addresses.

Doorda Lookup builds on this by appending up to 156 additional data points to each address. The data points cover domestic, and non-domestic addresses and include information on property characteristics, commercial occupants and property type/use to name a few.

Doorda Lookup also integrates directly with Doorda Stats on postcode so you can easily append location data (crime, population, average property prices). It also contains company numbers where relevant so you can access company related information held in Doorda Biz (registration details, filed accounts, data controllers register).

Doorda Lookup gives you access to an unparalleled level of information from a simple address Lookup.

The Numbers


No. of Addresses


No. of Households


No. of Postcodes



No. of Addresses


No. of Households


No. of Postcodes



No. of Addresses


No. of Households


No. of Postcodes


Northern Ireland

No. of Addresses


No. of Households


No. of Postcodes



  • Single unique address id
  • Daily refresh
  • Address lookup on postcode
  • Covers whole of UK
  • Combines Commercial and Domestic
  • Includes company numbers

Also compatible with DoordaMatch

Example Content

(M = Millions)

UDPRNUnique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN) as used by Royal Mail in the Post Office Address File (PAF)30.5M
Address30.5 Millon addresses refreshed from PAF every month30.5M
CharacteristicsDomestic property characteristics including wall/roof type, number of fireplaces and type of heating installed19M
TransactionsType of property, tenure, price paid and date of last sale24M
OccupantsName of commercial occupant (e.g. Boots the Chemist), date occupied, rateable value2M
Non-DomesticSize of commercial premises, energy rating and property type.250,000
Tax BandDomestic tax bands and rateable values28M
HygieneFood handing inspections including the outcomes600,000
GamblingLocation of gambling premises with licence type, e.g. Bookmaker, Bingo, Casino52,000
RegisterName, number and status of any companies registered to an address12M
HealthLocation and inspection result of health and social care service provider such as care homes and GPs32,000
OwnershipName, company number and date of purchase for commercial owners3.9M
UseRateable value and commercial use of premises, office, shop, factory etc…3.9M
LocationLatitude and Longitude of the postcode1.8M