Doorda Health

The volume and complexity of health data is a great example of a big data problem. Terabytes of data are being released every month.

Doorda Health addresses this problem by supplying a single curated source for significant local health data.

Use cases include targeted marketing,  trend analysis, and location modeling.

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The Solution

The Doorda Health solution offers access to exhaustively detailed data on local health in England. All datasets are uniquely mapped to postcodes making it incredibly easy to create your own insights.

Doorda Health consumes, indexes and maps dozens of data sources to postcode allowing you to integrate directly with Doorda Stats so you can easily create layered models by combining health with geo-demographic data.

Doorda Health gives you access to an unparalleled level of information starting with a simple postcode.

The Numbers

GP Surgerys 7,267

Connected Postcodes 1,412,978

Prescription Content 243,658,042


  • All datasets mapped to postcodes
  • Includes GP prescription data
  • Monthly updates
  • Covers whole of England
  • Connects to DoordaStats
  • Available as a bulk download

Also compatible with DoordaMatch

Example Content

(M = Million)

Prevalence3 years of illness prevalence by condition by postcode including, Diabetes, Smoking, Heart Failure. As issued by GPs as part of the Quality Outcomes Framework requirements26
LocationsUp to date list of active GPs with their addresses. This can be joined to Doorda Lookup and Doorda Stats enabling deeper analysis and insights.7,267
ConditionPatient survey results on the conditions of their local surgery12
ProfilesDemographic profile of GP surgerys7,267
RatingsPatient rating and feedback on their local GP surgery7,267
NursesPatient ratings and feedback on the nurses operating out of their local surgery15
RegistersNumber of registered patients by gender by month at each individual GP practice.60M
PrescriptionsPrescription data for each GP mapped to a postcode catchment area. Includes Chapters, Sections and non chemical prescriptions.234M