Doorda Biz

Doorda Biz provides information on every registered company in the UK.  This data is further enriched with information from Regulatory Bodies such as the Land Registry, Health & Safety Executive and Environment Agency.

Doorda Biz uniquely integrates with Doorda Lookup offering you extensive additional insights on commercial property.

Use cases include auto form completion, better risk analysis, and fraud investigations.

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The Solution

The Doorda Biz solution offers instant access to an extensive range of factual commercial data. All datasets are mapped to company numbers making it incredibly easy to find what you need, quickly.

Doorda Biz consumes data from dozens of data sources including Companies House and several regulatory bodies. The data is unadulterated, giving you the ability to apply your own analysis and interpretations.

DoordaBiz also integrates directly with Doorda Lookup on company numbers so you can uncover and append individual addresses connected to companies.

Doorda Biz gives you access to an unparalleled level of information from a simple company number.

The Numbers

Company Names


Fines and Prosecutions


Commercial Addresses 3,768,962


  • All content mapped to company number
  • Includes regulatory notices
  • Bulk data available
  • Covers whole of the UK
  • Includes property information
  • Daily updates

Also compatible with DoordaMatch

Example Content

(M = Millions)

RegisterComplete copy of live register with dissolved and previous company names12M
AccountsOver 6 million filed accounts covering the last three years worth of filings6M
PropertyTotal number of properties currently owned by a company4M
Directors12 million past and present directors connected to companies12M
ComplianceAccess to the Information Commissioners Office data controllers register500,000
ControllersDetails on all significant controllers connected to a company2M
HSENotifications or fines issued by the Health & Safety Executive mapped to company numbers52,000
OccupancyNumber of premises occupied gathered from over 80 Local Authorities out of 353. Actual addresses available in Doorda Lookup2M
DisqualificationsList of disqualified directors with the duration and connection4,000
Imports/ExportsCategories of goods being imported and exported each month250,000
DefraProsecutions or fines initiated by the Environment Agency12,000
LiquidationsInformation on company liquidations by stage70,000