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Exporting Data from BigQuery with R
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This article demonstrates how you can export data from BigQuery to your local machine or SQL database.   Querying Data from BigQuery: library("data.table") library("bigrquery") project <- 'doorda-production-207313' sql <- '... Read More
Using Postcode Polygons in R
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DoordaShape postcode polygons are compiled Postcode Area (AB), District (AB11), Sector (AB11 6) and Unit (AB11 6A) KML files. These allow you to create postcode based visualisations. Download Files: You can download the files directly using the... Read More
Listing Accessible Data on BigQuery with R
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Before making a query, you might want to have an overview of all available data to you. This article will demonstrates how you can do so with BigQuery's Python API.   List Accessible Datasets: Doorda Host consists of a wide range of... Read More
Getting Started with Doorda Host with R
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Dependencies install.packages("data.table") install.packages("bigrquery") install.packages("Rcpp") library("data.table") library("bigrquery") library("Rcpp")   Query BigQuery   project = 'doorda-production-207313' query = 'SELECT *... Read More