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Connecting to BigQuery with Jetbrains Datagrip (and most IDE)
Viewed 1176 times since Fri, Jun 22, 2018
Dependencies 1) gcloud cli - Windows: - Mac: - Ubuntu: 2) Simba JDBC Connector   https... Read More
API Documentation
Viewed 343 times since Wed, Feb 14, 2018
Live docs Read More
Google Cloud Authentication
Viewed 499 times since Wed, Sep 12, 2018
Dependencies 1)  gcloud cli Windows: Mac: Ubuntu:     Authentication   This... Read More
Doorda Host Supported Functions and Operators
Viewed 616 times since Mon, Jul 9, 2018
Doorda Host is built on Google Big Query. You can access the data directly and run standard SQL queries on the data via a web interface or any application which has a Big Query connector. If you want to utilise the web interface the following... Read More