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Connecting to BigQuery with Jetbrains Datagrip (and most IDE)


1) gcloud cli

- Windows:
- Mac:
- Ubuntu:

2) Simba JDBC Connector





This step will only need to be done once, subsequent queries will use the same credential in .config folder. 


1) On Windows, start Start Google Cloud SDK Shell. On Mac/Ubuntu go to Terminal.
2) Run:


gcloud beta auth application-default login



3) Visit the link in your browser and log in using the account provided to you



Setting up BigQuery Driver




Select Add new driver

Name the Datasource BigQuery

Download the JDBC connector and unzip in preferred directory

Add the 7 .jar files in the simba connector folder into Additional folder

Choose com.simba.googlebigquery.jdbc42.Driver under Class

Under URL Template, add jdbc:bigquery://[Host]:[Port];ProjectId=[Project];OAuthType=[AuthValue]; and name it as Default

Add BigQuery Datasource



Select BigQuery Driver that was set up previously


Leave Name and Password blank


Under URL, enter jdbc:bigquery://;ProjectId=doorda-production-207313;OAuthType=3


Click on Test Connection to make sure that everything has been set up.


Advanced Settings

If you receive a Server Timeout Error, you can increase the timeout value as shown below. But this may mean that you're likely to exceed your data/query usage quota. 





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