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29-11-2018 Stats

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Content Changes

All now available on DoordaHost as part of the latest update.

GP Surveys - English GPs are regularly surveyed to ensure they are providing the required level of care to their patients. These datasets enable you to better understand how good they are at delivering their services in their neighbourhood. We have created a GP catchment model based on proximity to postcode and assigned the GPs accordingly.  

Life Expectancy - Life expectancy and disability-free life can vary as much as 20 years depending on the area. These datasets will allow you compare areas using the latest NHS release.

  • Healthy Life Expectancy - Average life expectancy by area and joined to postcode - click for more details (Login required)
  • Disability-Free Life Expectancy - Average length of life without serious disability -   click for more details (Login required)

Illness Prevalence - This dataset details the 25 most prevalent illness as captured by GPs. These range from Asthma to Obesity to Stroke with proportions for each assigned to individual postcodes.

Occupations - This new section in Stats will allow you to view average earnings by occupation for each region in the UK. Additionally, we have created a proportion of roles in each postcode for England and Wales so you can see occupation density.

Welsh Deprivations - Each LSOA in Wales is rated from 1 (most deprived) to 1,909 (least deprived). These have been joined to Postcode to make cross-referencing easier.

Welsh Education - Education is Wales is managed by the Welsh government which releases data differently to the rest of the UK. The Education Indices opens insights on educational attainment and results at a local level. This is released at an LSOA level which we've joined to postcode.

Spine - The spine is the easiest way to join data, there are now 41 areas you can join or connect to a postcode. These include Electoral areas, Regional government, and Heath districts


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