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25-06-2018 Stats

Product: Stats

Status: Live   


API Changes

Crime Endpoints – View all reported crimes in a postcode within 100 metres of the centroid or apply a radial of your own choosing. 72, 87, 150 metres you decide!. You can view the details in the API Docs. 

Flood Risk Endpoint – Autumn is far from our thoughts this time of year but it will arrive at some point! This new endpoint will allow you access the flood risk of a property based on the postcodeView API Docs


Content Changes


Average Rental Costs - New dataset offering insights on the average rental prices, from a single room up to a 4 bed property, these are all mapped to postcode ready for easy consumptionThe dataset is available in Doorda Host.

Dataset Name:

  • r1_household_rental_value


Household Spend - Brand new collection of datasets detailing the average households weekly spend on a variety of commodities (over 160). These are released as income deciles (i.e. Lowest to Highest income groups from 1 to 10), they are available at a postcode level based on the deprivation income model. These are available in Doord Host.

The new datasets are:

  • Household Spend on Transport   
  • Household Spend on Restaurant and Hotels
  • Household Spend on Recreation and Culture
  • Household Spend on Other items
  • Household Spend on Other expenditure
  • Household Spend on Miscellaneous goods and services
  • Household Spend on Housing, Fuel and Power
  • Household Spend on Household Goods and Services
  • Household Spend on Health
  • Household Spend on the Food and Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  • Household Spend on Communication
  • Household Spend on Education
  • Household Spend on Education
  • Household spend on Alcoholic drink, Tobacco and Narcotics


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