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Brexit, US Tariffs and new Trade Opportunites have increased the need to better understand UK Trade. DoordaTrade enables you to model, track and better understand risk in a rapidly changing environment.

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8 million

Approximate number of Transactions each year, with values and volumes for each one



Import tariffs on 223 countries along with WTO rules



Trade legistlation covering environment, health, and volume restrictions



Number of Companies trading outside the EU, includes commodities

Track Competitor Activity

Track trading activities of a competitor to better understand what they are importing and where the imports are most likely to come from.

You can also gain a better understanding of the overall market size by looking at the volume, and value of each commodity being imported.

Risk Profiling

Not every country Trades every commodity, most will specialise in certain sectors. For example, 60% of all raisins entering the UK come from Turkey.

Should external factors such as Brexit, affect the supply, companies would need to source from somewhere else. The next two largest suppliers (USA and South Africa) are much further away and aren’t members of the EU Customs Union Agreement (Turkey is). This is highly indicative that costs could increase.

Model Risks & Opportunities

After many years of stability, the world of international trade is increasingly volatile. Punitive Tariffs, Brexit and New Trade deals all come with new risks and opportunities.

With Trade you can model potential outcomes, what if the USA applied a 40% Tariff on new car imports (it’s 2.5% currently)? That could have a major impact, but how much? What’s the value and volume of the current trade? Which companies would be most affected?

Using Trade you can model the above and many other scenarios based on individual commodities and countries.

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