Public Contracts – Open Tenders


Public Contracts Open Tenders provides an interactive dashboard which details tenders which are currently open as listed by Government and associated agencies.

Public Procurement accounts for 38.5% of the UK’s total GDP, roughly £300 Billion a year. Most of this data is publicly available but scattered over 900 websites, we’ve made this much easier to consume by gathering all data relating to public contracts and Spend into a single product named ‘Public Procurement‘. All data within this product are mapped to categories and Company Numbers making it much easier to analyse and join.

The interactive dashboard below details Open Tenders currently listed by Government and connected organisations under Public Procurement Policy.

You can click on the content to filter the data view, to remove the filter just re-click the content you selected.

Please note that Open Tenders are prone to change, especially when it comes to closing dates. Our live data is refreshed daily, the dashboard above is refreshed monthly.