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DoordaHealth gives you access to patient feedback, local health service provisioning and outcome data at a postcode level.

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All our data is available via a single login, you can use this to connect the tool of your choice be that Qlik, Power Bi, Tableau or RS Studio, you decide!

Inside Health

GP Practices


Patient feedback on ease of access, quality of service and practice geo-demographics


5 Billion+

As released at GP level covering everything from Antacids to Thazides and everything between



Illnesses tracked including Heart, Obesity and various mental healh related incidents.

Life Expectancy

67 - 92

Estimated disability free life expectancy and general life expectancy

Safe Anonymised Data

All data contained in Health is sourced directly from the NHS and as such is completely anonymised to protect patient confidentiality.

Doorda does not, and will not, handle or supply personal health data so you can feel secure from a personal, and professional level, that the data is safe to use.

Local Insights

All the data within Health is proportionally mapped at a postcode and OA level so you can directly compare one end of the country with the other.

Localised data makes for more meaningful analysis and allows you to easily layer and augment it with other data sources.

Model with Prescription Data

Drugs prescriptions are a strong indicator of specific illnesses in an area. With coverage down to paragraph level as classified in the British National Formulatory (BNF), pharmaceutical reference book that contains information and advice on prescriptions and pharmacology.

For example, our clients are able to model prevalence of sleep apnea by combining prevalence of obesity with drugs prescribed such as sleeping masks, hypnotics, barbiturates and many more!

Instant Analysis

Business, uniquely, can also offer direct access to all the underlying data via DoordaHost

Want to create your own analysis of prescriptions with respect to GP satisfaction? No problem, with DoordaHost you can connect Tableau, R Studio and Python directly.

Expand Health with additional data


Demographic provides geo-demongraphic data on over 2.6 millions active and deactivated postcodes in the UK which enables you to gain the edge on your competitors by understanding the demographics, prosperity and incidence level of a location.

Data is mapped to postcode level, allowing for precise location intelligence, however you can easily aggregate the data to compare a wider area (eg: output areas and wards). Dataset covers education, income, household spending, crime and much more!

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Commercial Locations

Commercial Locations enables you to gain the edge on your competitors by better understanding the category, status and occupant of over 1.9 Million commercial locations.

Content is mapped to company numbers so you can easily see the size of a company’s footprint, keep an eye on competitor activity or model changes in key locations.

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