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2.6 Million

Includes active and deactivated postcodes with classification and population


46 Million+

By postcode by category and by outcome



Is the average weekly spend on Beef by lower income households



Number of schools mapped to catchment areas by type with results data

Location Intelligence

Are you trying to target electric car consumers? Or families with a high spending in children’s toys?

Stats contains over 100 different datasets mapped to postcode level, allowing you to freely segment a specific town, city, or even the whole of UK from multiple perspectives. The datasets cover areas including education, income, household spending, crime and much more!

Location Risk Profiling

Stats offers insights on risk at a postcode level, covering both natural incidence and intentional crime. Natural incidences includes flood and fire risk, while intentional crime range from robbery, theft to drug use and possession of weapons.

With data since 2011, allowing you to analyse the development and trend of locations and incidences.

Data are also available via our API.

Instant Analysis

Stats offers direct access to all the underlying data via DoordaHost.

Want to create your own analysis of the UK population? No problem, with DoordaHost you can connect Tableau, R Studio and Python directly.

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Business enables you to gain the edge on your competitors by better understand how companies operate whilst flagging potential risks in real time, on over 11 millions active and dissolved companies going as far back as 1994.

Companies risk profile can be modelled using our extensive information on any fines, warnings or legal actions taken by, or against the company. Our risk data includes insolvency, CVA, Information Commissioner’s office actions, Health and Safety Executive plus many others.

All contents are refreshed from sources daily so you’ll be one of the first to know of any changes in companies risk profile.

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Commercial Locations

Commercial Locations enables you to gain the edge on your competitors by better understanding the category, status and occupant of over 1.9 Million commercial locations.

Content is mapped to company numbers so you can easily see the size of a Companys’ footprint, keep an eye on competitor activity or model changes in key locations.

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