Commercial Locations

Need a national view of non-residential property and associated Companies?

Doorda Commercial Locations enables you to gain the edge on your competitors by better understanding the status of the commercial property market.

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What’s driving the app?

All our data is available via a single login, you can use this to connect the tool of your choice be that Qlik, Power Bi, Tableau or RS Studio, you decide!


Number of Commercial Locations, from ATM to Zoo and everything in between


Locations matched to over 420,000 unique Registered Companies


Location categories, including, Shops, Factories and Parking Spaces

Linked to Registered Companies

Where possible all locations are matched to a Registered Company so you can easily track corporate changes.

Find out how many locations a company is liable for along with details on when they moved in, the type of properties they are occupying along with who their neighbours are.

Discover what’s happening

Gain deeper insights and understanding of changes in local and national markets. Uncover the names of the commercial occupants.

Create your own analysis using the tools you’re most familiar with using our unique data solution.

Easy mapping with Lat/Longs

Our data is cut to suit your needs. If you require the exact latitude and longitude for a location we can supply that by cross-referencing to Ordnance Survey AddressBase.

Alternatively, if the approximate location is sufficient, we can provide the data based on postcode via the Royal Mail Postoffice Address File (PAF).

You decide!

Cut research time

Doorda can significantly cut research and data manipulation costs by delivering all your requirements on a single platform.

Our Insights plug into our other products so you can easily match companies to Doorda Biz to extract all the details and risks associated with a company.

You can also integrate with Doorda Stats if you need to uncover geo-demographic insights or create your own catchment area models.

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Via a connector

Connect anything with a BigQuery or IDE Connector


Designed for the Enterprise our API offers:

  • Analytics
  • Complete Documentation
  • Developer Portal
  • Secure Connections
  • Exceptional Support

Speed up development by downloading the full API collection and explore endpoints using our POSTMAN integration