Amazon Revenue generated from Government Spending


Our interactive dashboard shows how much revenue Amazon has generated from English Local Authorities.

This dashboard forms part of our ‘MAGFA Tracker‘, this details the total revenue generated, from 353 English Local Authorities, by Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple (MAGFA). The data is updated quarterly and includes all spend from Jan 2015 onwards.

Please note there are several companies operating under the Amazon name such as ‘AMAZON WEB SERVICES INC’, ‘AMAZON UK RETAIL’ and ‘AMAZON MARKETPLACE’ we have grouped these all under ‘Amazon’ to give a better overall view of what’s happening.

You can click on the content to filter the data view, to remove the filter just re-click the content you selected.

The data is sourced from our Public Procurement module which includes over £1.4 Trillion of Government spending.


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