Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Rulings Data

Clifford McDowell

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rulings data contains the outcomes of decisions made by the ASA. The ASA is the independent advertising regulator for the whole of the UK. As the Regulator, the ASA ensures that adverts across all media stick to the advertising rules otherwise known as the Advertising Codes.

Alongside the ASA is the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) they are responsible for writing the Advertising Codes. The ASA and CAP are jointly committed to regulating the media and ensuring, where necessary, appropriate action is taken when complaints are made.

The ASA rulings set out as a matter of public record how, following an investigation, the advertising rules apply and where a ruling is issued why an ad has broken the rules. They also publish a list of companies and organisations which, following receipt of a complaint, agreed to amend or withdraw their ad without the need for a formal investigation. There are four different types of ruling in the ASA data:

Rulings – These are where the ASA has completed a formal investigation and reached a decision.
Informally Resolved – These are when organisations agree voluntarily to remove or amend an advert
Mail Order Cases – TBC
Database Cases – TBC

If an organisation doesn’t take action as per a ruling, the ASA can pass the issue over to OFCOM or trading standards who have the power to take further action.

The Advertising Standards Authority rulings in the news:

ASA tells Friction Free Shaving: shaving cannot be friction freeSource: Campaign Live
Pressure sales tactics under scrutiny in run-up to ChristmasSource: The Independent
ASA Bans Echeck Betway Ad Featured in Affiliate Tweet – Source: BMJ

How Doorda can help you get the most of the ASA Data:

The ASA ruling data in Doorda is mapped to company numbers and is of several Regulator Datasets we capture and track on a daily basis. With all this information available in a single place, you can centrally monitor and cross-reference multiple data sources with a single click. ASA rulings and regulatory data are just some of the many datasets available in DoordaBiz.