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With such a wealth of data on tap Doorda is able to provide a wide selection of pre packaged data products and modelled insights.

Modelled Insights


Doorda is making available a COVID-19 dataset that provides estimates of risk factors and COVID-19 infection rates at a range of local geographies (Ward, Parliamentary Constituency and Clinical Commission Group).

This dataset is free for Non-Commercial reuse and includes the polygons for the inlcuded local geographies to enable easier analysis.

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The Doorda Health insight provides estimates on Mortality, Obesity, Smoking, Biological Age differences, Life Expectancy and COVID-19 Measures and Infection Rates. The Insight includes gender as well as age bands and covers the whole of the UK to a granular level (OA).

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Coming Soon – Wealth

The upcomint Wealth Insight will provide estimates on Earned Income, Pension Income, Propensity to give to charity and average Mortgage debt levels by gender and age band at a granular level (OA). This insights covers the whole of the UK.

Coming Soon – Attitudes

The Doorda Attitudes insight offers observations by geographical location on residents attitudes to key topics. These include Animal Welfare, Crime, Education, Environment, Health, Immigration, Benefits and Diversity. This covers the whole of the UK at a granular level (OA).

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Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Data Protection Register

Information Commissioners Office Data Protection Register lists all organisations and individuals who handle or process, personal data.

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Health & Safety Executive NI – Notices and Prosecutions

HSENI is the lead body responsible for the promotion and enforcement of health and safety at work standards in Northern Ireland.

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COVID-19 Infection Rate Model Data – Watch the Webinar

Gain deeper insight with our free COVID 19 infection Risk rate model as visualized on CARTO. Watch the video and download the data to create your own insights.

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