Public Procurement

Clifford McDowell

Our Public Procurement Module allows you to explore over £2 Trillion of spending by the public sector. Everything within it is joined to company names and numbers making exploration as easy as scanning a spreadsheet.

  • Public Contracts – Contains information on over 30,000 contracts sourced directly from the Government. The API is updated daily to ensure freshness and we also offer a hosted version if you want to explore the data in more depth.
  • Spend – Contains data gathered from over 353 Local Authorities (National data coming soon) going as far back as 2010. This includes over 64 Million transactions including payment date, value and supplier name. The API will allow you to extract by company number, our hosted version gives you complete access to all the data.

Further information on the datasets can be found below.

Intro to Public Procurement
DatasetDescriptionCoverageUse Case
Public ContractsThe government sets an over-riding policy concerning public procurement. This policy states that any and all government contracts must have a basis in value for money, which they define as “the best mix of effectiveness and quality for the least outlay for the usage period for the services or goods purchased.” Government and associated agencies must obtain these goods or services through open tenders unless they have well-founded reasons to proceed otherwise.
  • To date just under 30,000 companies have gained some sort of business
  • There are on average circa 2,000 opportunities available at any given time
  • £284 billion was spent in 2018 through the public procurement process, according to HM Treasury, PESA 2018
UKExpiring Soon - Find out which contracts due to end or coming for renewal, this may have an impact on a companys income.

Historical Activity - View all contracts won by a company to track historical activity and better understand future potential and risk.

Open Tenders - Uncover new opportunites by being informed of contracts as soon as they are published.

Recently Awarded - Find out who has been awarded a new contract, great for competitor analysis.
Spend DataEach Local Authority in England (353) is responsible for publishing information on the money they spend with suppliers. Due to the balkanised nature of the publication method, a lot of work is required to get the data into a single queriable dataset. 

This dataset allows you to explore over £1 Trillion of local authority spend by Company Name, Number, Local Authority or Spend Category.
  • Check a company's declared income with the actual as reported in official sources.
  • Identify trends, cuts in budgets could increase risks in a particular sector such as care homes which are heavily reliant on Local Authorities for income.
  • Conduct competitor analysis, are your rivals charging more or less for similiar services? Who else are they supplying you could potentially approach?


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