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The Gambling Commission license and regulate the people and businesses that provide gambling in England, Wales and Scotland, this also includes the National Lottery.

Management of licences and gambling premises data is the responsibility of local licensing authorities, normally the Local Authority for the area where the business is located. However, in some instances, local decisions may be overruled by the national government.

The Gambling Commission maintains a national register of Licensed Gambling Premises and operators, this covers England Wales and Scotland (Northern Ireland operate a different system). This includes the address, name of the operator and type of gambling licenced. A gambling license may include the following:

  • Bingo
  • Betting Shop
  • Adult Gaming Centre
  • Family Entertainment Centre
  • Casino
  • Casino 2005
  • Pool Betting
  • Betting Intermediary

The national register is reliant on information being provided by the relevant licensing authorities and gambling businesses to populate the register.

If a Licensed Gambling Premise is part of a larger company (e.g. Ladbrokes or Paddy Power) then the controller will also require an operator’s licence. If a company is only trading online they will still require an operators licences. All operators also need to list their trading names e.g. Betpoint Group UK Limited are also trading under the names ‘Pokerplex24’ and ‘Casinoplex’.

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