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The COVID Measure estimate in our models contains two datasets:

Future, this ratio for the number of future cases as a proportion of total cases provides an estimate of future Covid“19 risk for locations. A ratio value of 1 indicates there are estimated to be as many future cases to come in this location as there have been in total to date. A ratio of 0.1 indicates that future cases are estimated to be only 10% of cases seen so far. This measure provides an indication of how cautious a local area might need to be when considering relaxing lockdown conditions.

Death Ratio, the number of Covid deaths as a proportion of deaths from all causes.

Both models are regularly reviewed to ensure they contain the most up to date data and clinical findings.

Augment your Data

Our InsightHealth product provides modelled insights on COVID-19 Infections, Obesity and Smoking with age bands, and gender, at a local level.

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