Core Address File (CAF)

Clifford McDowell

Doorda’s Core Address File (CAF) provides a list of all known UK addresses and forms the backbone of DoordaProperty. This file identifies single addresses, building’s, and divisions (i.e. Conversions with a shared letterbox, or multiple companies at the same address). This can be used to complete forms; cross reference supplied information and better understand how an address is being used.

The CAF provides a unique Doorda Address Reference number which links to Royal Mails Postal Address File (PAF) UDPRN. The CAF is purely address based so unlike the PAF which uses company names to help identify a postal location the CAF only uses the address; however, these can be joined to udprn if the address is listed in the PAF.

In addition to the PAF addresses the CAF sources addresses from other publishers to ensure complete coverage. The CAF also contains information on an address’s status, high level use and the latitude and longitude for the postcode.

An Ordnance Survey AddressBase variant of the CAF can also be made available, this would include the UPRN and exact latitude and longitude of an address.

The Doorda Address Reference (DAR) in the CAF can be used to join data from several other datasets to a single address including Registered Companies, Commercial Occupants, and Transactions to name a few. For more information look at our articles related to DoordaProperty.


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