Core Address File PAF

Clifford McDowell

Doorda’s Core Address File PAF provides a list of all known UK addresses and forms the backbone of DoordaProperty. Thie Core Address File PAF lists every current address in the UK as recoginsed by Royal Mail vai their Postal Address File.. This includes Conversions with a shared letterbox and new properties under development. This can be used to complete forms, cross reference supplied information and better understand how an address is being used.

The Core Address File PAF links all associated data to the UDPRN. The Core Address File PAF is a variant of the Royal Mail PAF so unlike the actual PAF which uses company names to help identify a postal location the Core Address File PAF only lists the address.

The Core Address File PAF also contains top-level information on an address’s status such as construction status and whether the address shares a letterbox. It also contains the latitude and longitude for the postcode centroid.

An Ordnance Survey AddressBase variant of the CAF can also be made available, this would include the UPRN and exact latitude and longitude of an address.

Whilst the Royal Mail is the best source for current addresses it is limited in that it only lists current addresses not historical, as our data goes back decades some addresses can’t be matched as they no longer exist. We will be addressing this issue in future releases of the product with the inclusion of our own Ids.


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