Doorda Spatial

Latest polygon boundaries for all UK Postcodes, Output Areas (oa) Lower Super Output Areas (lsoa)

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Doorda Spatial data is a uniquely hosted reference boundary dataset of all UK Postcodes, Output Areas and Lower Super Output Areas.

  • Covers all UK postcodes
  • Updated quarterly in keeping with offical release schedule
  • Includes OAs and LSOA to allow for visualisation of comparable areas
  • Available now on DoordaHost
  • Integrates directly with Doorda Propery, Stats and Biz

Join with other data

Thanks to the standardisation and matching of the numerous data sources, Doorda Spatial can be linked to a wealth of other Doorda data, including

  • local area information (House prices, crime, population etc…)
  • local population information (health, wealth, education, benefit claimants, etc…)
  • Commerical Locations (Retail unit density, Inspection grouping, Competitor analysis etc…)
  • Property (Average Energy Performance scores, Registered company density, Building type etc…)

Address Matching

Doorda has a fully automatic Matching Service to link “inbound” address to reference address

  • hybrid deterministic & probabilistic algorithms
  • no false positives

Data in Doorda Property is linked to Doorda Stats and Doorda Biz data, and is GDPR compliant.

Key Statistics


1.88 Million

Output Areas

220 Thousand

Lower Super Output Areas

33 Thousand

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