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12 Million UK Companies, their Officers, shareholders and associated Regulatory Notices plus insight into their property footprint and income

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Data is sourced, standardised and linked from multiple official registers, including historical records not accessible via public web sites.

  • Company overview
  • Directors
  • Shareholdings
  • Filings
  • Risks/Regulator
  • Complementary (e.g. patents)
  • Property

Doorda Biz contains data from the original documents for 12 million companies and 30 million Directors. There are 20 years of historical financial records. Modifications to Doorda Biz data are timestamped to allow construction of a compliance audit trail.

Join with other data

Within the Biz data, there are relationships among shareholders, companies and Officers.

Companies are linked to relevant properties in Doorda Property and relevant local area and population statistics in Doorda Stats via their ownership and business rates liability.

Companies are also linked to public procurement contracts and payments as well as international trade details.

Company Name and address matching for your data

Doorda has a fully automatic Matching Service to link “inbound” company name and address to Company Numbers and reference identifiers for address

  • hybrid deterministic & probabilistic algorithms
  • no false positives

Key Statistics


12 Million

Complete list of Active and Dissolved companies, going as far back as 1994


32 Million

Complete list of Active and Resigned Directorships for each company


10 Billion+

Connections between individual Directors and Companies



Data from official sources including Companies House, Regulators and Legal notices

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