Customer Management

Maximise potential revenue, monitor risk events and optimise recoveries.

The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them and the more revenue they can generate for you.

By combining information about local demographics, business health and property your business can improve its predictive models, draw better conclusions and take better decisions.

Construct a more complete model of your customers in order to maximise potential revenue, monitor for risk events, and optimise your recoveries.

Doorda Customer Management

Risk Monitoring

Conduct regular, automated checks on businesses and see changes in risk profile or “red flag” events.

Find similar companies in comparable locations and look for events or notices which could indicate risk or liability. Some potentially interesting indicators are late filing of accounts, changes of Directors, Court actions, closing premises or moving to smaller premises.


Focus on the debtors most likely to pay by improving debt recovery models with extra data.

  • Derive company health from public-sector contract and payment trends
  • Analyse associated Companies, Directors and Shareholders to see if debtors have money elsewhere
  • Property ownership indicates assets that may be used to recover debts