Customer Acquisition

Identify target markets, improve marketing response models, refine risk assessments and accelerate customer on-boarding.

The better your picture of potential customers, the better your customer acquisition process and results.

Doorda provides you with a sophisticated, up-to-date view of potential consumers and the areas they live as well as companies and the places they do business, so that you can capitalise on the opportunities.

Carry out sophisticated customer segmentation to better identify target markets, improve your marketing response models, refine your risk assessments and provide speedy, frictionless on-boarding.

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Marketing Responses

Improve your B2B marketing response model with additional business information such as property footprint, regulatory notices, associated Directors, local economy, location of competitors etc.

  • Model existing good customers using more criteria and find similar companies in comparable locations
  • As public-sector contracts start, there is a higher likelihood of funding requirements
  • Track Sector trends based on public-sector payments and contracts information

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