Commercial Finance

Enhance company profiles, find funding needs and analyse customer risk.

Quickly obtain an improved summary of a company, its trading premises, property assets, controlling parties, public-sector contracts and receipts in order to inform your conclusions and decisions.

Proactively find potential funding needs and improve marketing responses and customer risk analysis. Optimise debt recoveries based on quantifiable evidence

Company Summary

Starting with official company information, build a complete picture of a business, to include

  • Directors & shareholders, with history
  • Public-sector contracts won, payment schedules, competitive performance.
  • Trade – who imports/exports the same products. Size of the import/export market for those products.

Company Risks

  • Risk assessment/alert, as payments end
  • Regulatory notices
  • Licenses to handle dangerous chemicals
  • Links to other Companies, disqualified Directors, shareholders.
  • Company Filings – name changes, Director changes, late accounts, charges