The Technology

Consolidating and standardising thousands of datasets into one self-service Cloud Platform, Doorda allow partners and customers to focus immediately on analysis and insight while avoiding the repeated cost and risk of finding and preparing data.

The reliable, scalable and secure Cloud Platform has a comprehensive data catalogue underpinned with business explanations. Direct data access is via API, database query or bulk extraction.

Documentation & Support

There is a comprehensive data catalogue underpinned with business explanations.

Customers have a direct connection to Support (with contributions from Development team when necessary) via our Slack channel

Platform Performance & Availability

The Doorda data is hosted on a secure, high-availability, automatically scaleable Amazon Cloud platform.

Data usage

Data on the Doorda Cloud platform can be used in three ways:

  1. Query the data in-situ on our platform using any common query or BI tool via our SQL connector.
  2. Query and extract the data via our SQL connector onto your own platform. E.g. to CSV file, where it can be processed in conjunction with internal data.
  3. Request specific information in a transactional way or from an app via our RESTful API.


Connect anything with a BigQuery or IDE Connector


Designed for the Enterprise our API offers:

  • Analytics
  • Complete Documentation
  • Developer Portal
  • Secure Connections
  • Exceptional Support

Speed up development by downloading the full API collection and explore endpoints using our POSTMAN integration

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