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Doorda is a leading UK provider of curated and augmented Data Solutions.

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Where we began

It all began when Clifford McDowell, the founder of Doorda and Streetwise, agreed to help a friend with a flat viewing. Keen to know more about the area they decided to go door to door and ask the local residents for ‘insider’ information. They asked about crime, the local school, how good the nearest takeaways were, and what the local doctor was like.

It soon became apparent that most of this information was available online thus the idea dawned – why not put all this publicly available and recently published data on a single website?

In recognition that no individual organisation offered a unified solution, Doorda developed unique algorithms which allow Businesses to navigate, connect and utilise local and national data blended with 3rd party sources.

Our management team

Clifford McDowell

Founder and CEO

Barry McDowell


Dave Berry


Rob Flintoff


What is big data curation?

Data curation involves the active and ongoing management of data through its lifecycle of interest and usefulness. This includes; discovery, retrieval, maintenance of quality and documentation. Doorda takes this a step further by normalising, matching, structuring and maintaining the lineage of the data.

Why is it important?

The volume of Public and Commercial data being released is growing explosively, making it increasingly difficult to source, wrangle and automate. With no national standards, there is no agreed format or governance for the release or connection of data. At the moment businesses are challenged with keeping track and judging the relevance of the data whilst costs for data analysts and scientists continue to rise exponentially year on year.

How does Doorda solve the problem?

Doorda has researched and mapped thousands of data sources, some open some not. We then use our unique data processing tools to match, join and enrich the data so you can easily explore, consume and analyse it in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

What Doorda delivers

With over 20 years of historical data across 5 billion reference-able data points in the UK, you have instant access to a wide range of datasets covering areas as diverse as Business, Health, Address, Environment, and Geo-demographic.

Our solutions enable our clients to:

  • Explore vast quantities of data via the Doorda Knowledge Base, understand how the data is joined with full explanations on what the content and context are.
  • Extract specific datasets online to your local environment for a myriad of business purposes.
  • Automate plug into our API or pull frequent downloads to suit specific requirements. We handle all the background processing and updating.

What’s in the data?

Currently, there are over 140,000 datasets made available via 908 publishers, these include:

  • 24 Ministerial departments and 23 Non-Ministerial departments
  • 356 Agencies and other public bodies
  • 71 High profile groups
  • 431 Local councils and 3 Devolved Administrations

There is a wide range of data categories including data for health, education, road traffic accidents, utility consumption, company information, planning requests etc.  A full list of Doorda Content is available from Doorda on request.

Doorda for your business

Doorda underpins the timely collection, packaging and delivery of aggregated data which can be seamlessly integrated with industry specific data.

Data tailored to your industry

Businesses are large consumers of data but often face the challenge of optimising the value from external data. Doorda provides packaged data that only contains the datasets that are specific to your business area or function.

For example, the Insurance industry are challenged with:

  • Finding additional data sources enabling differentiation of offerings
  • Trying to achieve improved customer engagement, increased retention and profitability
  • A requirement to gain a competitive edge through bespoke product offerings and lower risk pricing

Key Insurance teams – Underwriters, Actuaries, Innovation, Marketing and Pricing – can use Doorda data to easily aggregate additional statistical and historical data to support:

  • Additional customer segmentation based on socio-demographic data
  • Support ‘Know Your Customer’ initiatives such as reduced question set
  • Minimise risk of underwriting policy extensions
  • Increase ability to profitably underwrite new business

Focus time and effort on your business

The myth that because Open Data is publicly available and therefore easy to access is long passed. Open Data could be sourced in-house but requires you to invest a lot of time and resource deconstructing the format and framework of over 140,000 datasets to eventually find what you really need.

By then you will have lost your competitive advantage.  Doorda proves simple and quick access so you can:

  • Instantly access many untapped data sources
  • Single point of access
  • Daily data updates (dependent on source)
  • Easy mash up with in-house data
  • Ever growing data directory
  • Insights into new data releases and changes
  • Reduced development and analysis costs

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