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Doorda provides instant access to
1000’s of curated data sources

Our unique and flexible solution connects Public Data sources to Third-party datasets via a single index. This provides the ability to have enhanced and granular analysis of any data. Our core data packages allow our clients to include multiple data sources relevant to their business and extend the value delivered from their big data projects.

From a single address, you can join 100’s of geo-demographic datapoints as well as business-related data connected by company number. Alternatively, you could reverse the question and find out how 4 million businesses are potentially connected to 30 million address. We curate, you explore.

The Doorda Difference

You decide how you want the data

We provide access to bulk data downloads or transactional access via our easy to integrate APIs.

Most up to date data in the market

Our agile technology ensures we are able to provide the freshest data often with daily update cycles.

Exceptional data matching capabilities

Due to the sheer quantity of data Doorda consumes we have become experts in data matching. This allows us to augment our own data and match to yours where required.

We act as a data source partner

As well as offering access to our own extensive partner network we can also source data on request. If we don’t have it, we can normally source it!

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